BlackSky Aerospace will give YOU the opportunity to go where few have gone before!

Take off from a conventional runway, climb to 30,000 feet and then YOU fire the rocket motor to zoom
 to over 20 miles, STRAIGHT UP! - Watch the daytime sky fade to black on a 3G climbout, 
feel the effects  of microgravity and return safely to the runway of departure
without having to wear bulky flight suits or helmets that will interfere with your BlackSky experience.

Live the dream for only $19,995* per person!

Compared to others, it's 1/10th the price for 100% of the experience!

BlackSky Aerospace will also provide sub orbital, microgravity flight
operations for contracted payload customers and will be capable of
lifting a 10kg payload to 200 kilometers. (565,000 feet)

Copyright 2008
Black Sky Aerospace, LLC

* Price does not include applicable taxes and is subject to change